Ancient Path – Come To The Waters, Music For Intersession & Devotion, Volume 1

Artist: Ancient Path (Ancient Paths)
Album: Come To The Waters – Music For Intersession & Devotion, Volume 1
Released: 2011

Genre: Instrumental

Web Site: Ancient Path
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Description: Ancient Path – Come To The Waters is a peaceful instrumental album with a small group ensemble with acaustic instruments such violin, oboe horn, piano etc.

About: Ancient Path is a global community of people, based in Olmsted Falls, OH, who incite compassion and ignite hope in a hurting world. For 50 minutes, “Come to the Waters” takes you on a refreshing journey inward to that quiet place where God waits. Listen for the still small voice. Hear the voice of many waters. Come and drink – and find rest for your soul.

3 thoughts on “Ancient Path – Come To The Waters, Music For Intersession & Devotion, Volume 1”

  1. I would like to place an order for some CDS. Can you call me please?

    Thank You!,,
    Darlene Dowlen

  2. Is there a second volume ?? The first volume is a constant companion as I consider the Lord or pray for people.



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