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Ruth Fazal – Here I Am

Here I AmArtist: Ruth Fazal
Album: Here I Am
Released: 2013

Genre: Meditative

Web Site: Ruth Fazal
Facebook: ruth.fazalRuth Fazal Group
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Description: Ruth Fazal – Here I Am is contemplative worship songs in Hebrew, peacuful and mediative and with a large portion God’s Nation: Israel.

About: Ruth Fazal is a talented musician, born in England and has lived in Toronto, Canada since many years. She has a desire to see music used in the context of intercession and prayer, and to incorporate the prophetic in all worship. She sings, composes and most of all; open up the doors of heaven by hear violin.

Ruth FazalRuth is currently concertmaster of four different orchestras in the Toronto area, and thoroughly enjoys her musical life in the city. But more important: She uses her skills on the violin to create a place for people to enter in to the presence of God. The ‘Songs from the River’ series are ever popular, finding their way not only into people’s homes, but also into prayer rooms, healing rooms, doctors offices and therapeutic massage clinics and spas. This soothing instrumental music touches the hearts of all those who listen.